Art conservation, Art restoration and Paper restoration work

Art Conservation

The expertise of MCS includes watercolours, drawings (modern and old master in a variety of media), pastels, maps, prints and historic photographs.

Examples of paper restoration treatments include:

gold dotremoval of destructive acidic board and damaging adhesives (traditional or modern)
gold dottreatment of general discolouration and surface dirt, disfiguring spots, stains and foxing
gold dotdeacidification to halt acidic decay
gold dot removal of 'Sellotape', masking tape and associated stains
gold dotrepairs, linings and infills to missing areas
gold dotretouching or toning to minimise the visual impact of damage
gold dotsensitive remounting in high quality, acid-free board
gold dot framing and fitting up to the highest museum standards

Examples of treatment to photographs include:

gold dotelectrocleaning daguerreotypes
gold dot binding broken glass plate negatives
gold dotrelaying lifting emulsion
gold dotrepairing broken leather hinges for cased photographs
gold dot packing for cold storage
gold dotseparating stuck together photographs
gold dotmounting and framing for display

All our work is documented.

A complete and flexible service

Most of our art conservation and restoration work is for museums, galleries and historic houses, usually repeat business. We assess the needs of each artwork and institution and tailor our work accordingly.

Our flexibility helps us to provide a comprehensive service. Examples of non-conservation work include digitisation, arranging hand carved copies of historic frames, copying pages from Charles Darwin's note books onto historic paper for binding as the original notebooks were too light-sensitive for permanent display.

In addition to routine studio work we are accustomed to working for exhibitions and meeting deadlines.

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